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Kitties R apparently us.

Surprise, surprise!  We’ve got a new addition at Hale Estate/Trenholm Manor.  It’s an adorable little black kitty that we heard yipping outside of Dauphne’s office window last week.  It took a couple of days but we managed to trap her with our neighbors help.  Seven days, one successful escape attempt, and one vet visit later,

Never a dull damn moment.

Let’s see, tonight I’ll be singing beer-drinking love songs at Core Public House, we’ve got a total eclipse of the sun on Monday, and lot’s of great gigs coming up in the near future.  Highlights are the return to Midtown Billiards of The Brian Nahlen Band and The BNB at the Legends of Arkansas Festival

Hello, Haleficianados!

We’re now into August and it’s been a great summer of rock and roll, Baby!  We had a fantastic crowd at the Brian Nahlen Band CD Release party at Four Quarter Bar.  That is a fantastic place to gig and the food is awesome as well.  I love the place and the people.  Another favorite