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A weekend off, WTF?

I sure enjoyed playing El Chico on Geyer Springs with my friend, Brian Nahlen on Cinco Dec Mayo. That may have been my first time performing in a restaurant that wasn’t, first and foremost, a bar. I hope to do it again.  No gigs this weekend but I will be performing a couple of love

And the hits keep coming..

Sorry it’s taken me until Thursday to update the old blog but Hale has been busy with the day to day. First off I want to extend a hearty THANK YOU to all the Brian Nahlen Band fans who braved the deluge in order to attend our second CD release party at Markham St Grill

Back home

I’ve been on the road and in the air a lot this week but I’m back in Arkansas and ready to perform for my hometown people again. I’m excited about the next show because I’ll be playing with a group of tried and true heavyweights. It’s the second CD release party for The Brian Nahlen