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Finally getting back to work!

The England Reunion went very well and I loved playing with my Uncle Mike’s old band, Chrome Blue. He, Ronnie White, Tommy Webb, and Garry Moore are all very special to me. We’ve made tentative plans to get together in a few months just to jam, no pressure. We would probably do it more often

Two weeks off, sort of.

I had no gigs this weekend and next weekend I’m playing at my hometown’s high school reunion, with the star band from England, Arkansas in the 60’s, Chrome Blue! This great band includes my Uncle, Mike Hale, on bass, Tommy Webb on lead vocals, Garry Moore on drums and Ronnie White on guitar. Their previous

Time for an upswing!

For the past few weeks me and the rest of the Little Rock musical community have been dealing with the final-stage illness and ultimate loss of a great friend and musician, Steve Bates. He was, fortunately, able to perform a couple of Saturday nights in a row in the last weeks of his life and