Awards, Tributes, and Happy Hours for everyone!

So there’s this new thing called The Central Arkansas Music Awards.  You know the drill: lots of categories, lots of performances, and everyone’s honored just to be nominated.  Personally, I think this has been a long time coming and I’d like to shake the hand of the person who finally made it happen.  One gripe: 

Another year in the books!

As we close down 2017 I’d like to thank everyone who hired me, played with me, listened to me, promoted me, fed me, criticized me, punched me, scolded me and made time for me any way at all this past year.  I can’t complain about anything but I’ll think of something before it’s over with. 

In the Victorian Era

There’s no question that Jack The Ripper and The Elephant Man were the same person.  Same place, same time, one was clearly messed up and the other had every reason to be messed up.  I could go on but just believe me on this and we’ll all be happier. Look up and to the left