All-American hangover

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m wiped out, People.  Yesterday was my birthday but the partying started a couple of days before at the White Water Tavern.  The Brian Nahlen Band played there Thursday night and we were jacked to be back on that stage, in a room that has been a bigger part of our lives than our livers like to admit.  Ah, the memories.  Some of the most exciting and well-attended shows I’ve ever been a part of were at the WWT along with those, like Thursday night, when we outnumbered the audience.  Not a big deal.  We still love the place and look forward to being back.

Friday night, actually 2:00 AM Saturday morning, we were onstage at Midtown Billiards, guitars in hand waiting to kick off when the crap almost literally hit the fan.  Apparently all of the toilets began backing up at about the same time and we were told to stand down because if they couldn’t get a plumber over to fix it quickly, they would shut the place down.  Apparently the plumber thing wasn’t going to work out because 15 minutes later the lights were on and we were packing up.  That’s cool too.  We all could have taken advantage of the opportunity to go home early but instead Brian, Tommy and I decided to spend an hour and a half at Waffle House.

Saturday night, however, was awesome!  My official birthday celebration was at Core Public House where I was already booked for a solo show.  Great times with Great friends.  Erin, the manager, even baked me a birthday cake.  It was my favorite night in a long time.  My wife surprised me with a couple of Jack the Ripper themed birthday gifts so, I’m a happy man.  But I’m wiped out.

Rock on, Ya’ll!

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